Email Management Strategies For A More Efficient Inbox

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Decluttering of email box can be an extremely unsettling task, and not having things, folders and files in order can make you unproductive. This mess does not really help in efficiency, but we know what can. Or let’s say we know who can. Our highly trained virtual assistant will provide

VA24x7 has professional virtual assistants who can easily handle such tasks. Either you can follow the steps they provide, or you can hire them! But what tips do they suggest for independent tasks? Decluttering and organizing can help in increasing productivity. Let us find how we can do that in the ideas given below-

  1. Setting up folders:

As an email manager, one must know exactly where a particular file is found. The folder system helps more than people expect them to. All you have to do is decide what important folder is important and how you want to organize them, and label them according to your requirement.

  1. Filters are essential:

With filters created through the settings, you can ease most of your tasks. Emails will be directly sent to these designated folders with the help of these filters, and it identifies your particular emails and organizes them itself. 

  1. Template/Formats:

Have a text document with formats and templates of particular emails. It plays an important role when you find yourself almost the same emails every day. You can create separate templates and formats to make it easier while sending them. It will no longer be a complicated and time-consuming task. Our virtual assistants services provide professional formats and templates to their clients when tackling the task of decluttering emails. 

  1. Schedule a few Emails beforehand:

It is better to schedule few emails beforehand. It is not possible to remember who all to mail, but scheduling makes it easier for most assistants. It takes time and helps in do error checking at a quite earlier stage.


These few tips can definitely help an assistant or individual to organize their inbox and increase productivity. Efficiency is highly essential for someone handling these small tasks as they are quite tedious and create a boring environment around them.